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76 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • John:

    Nice a/c post.. One guy responded about onions? Don’t cover them up that’s how they grow let them uncover naturally.even a few roots showing will not hurt anything ,just remember to thin them out give them some room and they will be fine. Another note if you see then starting to BOLT that’s the onion blossom, pinch that sucker off or your onion will split and it won’t store well… Hope this helps

  • James:

    Is there a way to make a solar powered AC unit? If so could you point me to the place to go?

  • Hi Zdena! We’d love to help! I’ve sent you an email about this project.

  • Zdena Novy:

    Hello Cam,
    I just finished writing my first children’s book and my former student has illustrated it. Can you help us publish it?
    Zdena Novy
    Maple Ridge, BC

  • Thanks Neil! We have given up the url and have been changing our contact info wherever we remember to do so! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know that we missed this one!

  • Neil:

    FYI, email to (the address shown on the “Contact Us” page) is bouncing, and doesn’t seem to be registered any more! You might want to update your email address on that page.

  • Trae wilkinson:

    Hello from east central Alabama. I’ve just discovered your website and I’m blown away by all that you have done on your property. I have wanted to begin the road to self reliant living for some time now. I have 220 acres of family land so that’s covered. I am just overwhelmed with how and where to begin. I have grown tired of being stuck in a office and long for the freedom of self reliant living. What suggestions would you have for someone that wants to begin this path?


  • Stephanie:

    Hi Michelle,
    I was at your workshop this past Spring and know you have high-speed internet there, but don’t remember the details. I’m moving to an area (Hwy 28 near Apsley, ON) that doesn’t have good options for internet service and hoping you may be able to lead me to more promising options.

  • As I explained to Gary in a personal email, there are 2 choices for getting together to chat with Cam about being off-grid. You can wait until our next scheduled workshop (Fall, 2015) or you can enquire about a one-on-one consultation here at Sunflower Farm.

  • Hi Vickie! Thank you for the suggestion but I’m afraid we have neither the time nor the finances to travel to a MEN fair. They sound amazing though!

  • Vickie shaw:

    Greetings to the both of you! Mr and Mrs Mather, have you considered coming to Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, USA during the Mother Earth News Fair in Sept.? My husband and I would love to come to your classes but due to economic circumstances beyond our control, sadly we can not. Thousands of people go to the Mother Earth News fairs. There are 5 of 6 this year in the U.S. At the fairs, people of like interests gather to learn the very things you are teaching plus more. They have classes all day long for 3 days. Sincerely, Vickie Shaw

  • Gary McDonald:

    Hello Cam …

    I ‘finally’ had found your article that was published in the Napanee Guide 2013\
    Soon moving back to country – wanted to attend workshop when I saw your article but have been keeping busy with rehabilation (victim of car accident-roll my truck) back surgery, etc…
    Any chance we could get together and discuss both off grid and partial – ALOT of questions lol
    Until then

    Gary McDonald

  • Hi Cam and Michelle,
    I checked the weather for today and tomorrow for our region and it is going to get cold tonight. We are going to actually have a wind chill tonight bringing it close to zero AGAIN. I thought I would warn you as well. You are much closer to the lake so you may escape this madness but just in case.
    Cheers, Melanie

  • Nope, we have still not solved the problem and this year was the worst year ever! We plugged up a sump well that was in our basement and thought perhaps that would solve the problem but it did not!

  • Bridget:

    Hey Cam!

    I was reading an old blog of yours from 2011 about an infestation of mosquitoes inside your house. We have had the same problem for 3 years now. Yesterday we got home from work and their were hundreds of mosquetoes in our house.
    I was wondering if you ever solved the problem. I think I may have solved ours and I wanted to see if you had any similar ideas. I think that they are laying their eggs in our portable AC unit. We had a hot spring and we had the AC tube hooked up to a screened window but after a cold snap we pulled the tube out of the widow. We often have a few mosquitoes in our house because we live in marshy area. I think one or more got I to the house, seeked out the water in the AC unit, went right down the tube and 2 days later…hundreds of mosquitoes filled our house. Any thoughts on this theory? I read that they can lay eggs in AC units or even the smallest amount of standing water. There is nothing like swarming mosquitoes to make you go crazy…I am just seeking some solutions and relief! We had to sleep at my parents house last night after bug bombing our house. Thanks for listening, your description of your infestation helped me feel less crazy!

  • Hi! A number of our readers have asked Cam the same question so he will be writing a blog post about the new Powerwall. Thanks!

  • E Warner:

    Cam, just wondering what your thoughts are on the new Tesla Powerwall that came out. Do you think the extra cost would be worth the claimed convenience and reliability? $3,500 for 10Kwh.

  • Hi Tim! It is available as an ebook. Go to this page and click on the link to amazon. From there you can choose the Kindle edition.

  • Tim:

    Hello Cam,

    Is your book “The Sensible Prepper” available as a PDF? I’d be happy to pay the full retail $ but I would rather not have a hard copy. PDFs seem to take up a lot less space.



  • Bob:

    Hi Cam, Michelle, hope you are keeping nice and warm, our wood stove is working like a charm and we are happy to clean up dead elm trees on the farm.

    Good news, my EnerWorks solar thermal system has heated the water in the solar storage tank to 35c yesterday. As you know the outside temperature with wind chill was -30c.

    Pretty soon the propane heater will shut off for the season and hot water will be in abundance.

    Need to catch up and have a beer, give us a call when the project list is down to 26 things,

  • Bob King:

    I just finished your book “LHOTG”, good read. I was trying to keep track, what turbine(s) did you wind up with? What solar panels, batteries? Would you tell me what your monthly power consumption is now? I am buying an HR3 and 60′ tower from a guy in Pennsylvania. I saw one in a film about Antarctica and found the guy selling his. How old are you now if you don’t mind me asking? I just turned 60 and want to build a small version of this on my land in the next couple of years.


  • Hi Jill! The cistern under our kitchen was built when the house was built in 1888. Back then they often built large concrete structures to hold rainwater, etc. Our cistern is no longer filled with water, but our water tanks are down there and we do store our veggies since it is cool and dark.

  • J Franklin Marsh:

    Hello Michelle

    I bought the Mother Earth (congrats for the cover) and Cam mentioned having
    a “cistern” …(a tank?) under the kitchen as storage. I am building a very small home in BC (in the sunny parts) in spring and will not be digging a basement.
    This sounds to be quite a solution to storing produce and groceries etc. I have been looking at Japanese design and storage under foot is prevalent, just wondered how you built your storage.

    Love all the info you both share.

    many thanks


  • Hi Jack! I sent you an email with some suggestions. If it isn’t in your IN box, be sure to check your SPAM!

  • Jack:

    My wife and I are in the planning stage for our off-grid house, which will be built in Almonte in a few years. I just read Bill Kemp’s Renewable Energy Handbook – again. I’d like to have a consult regarding the design of various systems, the placement equipment and space requirements. With whom could we/should we meet?

    We’re thinking of rainwater cisterns instead of a well because our current water use is 4.6m3 per month, and we have a creek for outdoor watering. (Although all of Almonte is served by well water.) We currently consume maybe 40 000MJ for space heating, (That’s based on an 800L tank of oil. It’s probably a lot less since I added insulation under the siding.) I am estimating 8 400MJ of solar gain per season, wood is 15 000MJ per full cord, and a hot water thermal storage tank of 24m3 would provide 5 500MJ more for dark old November and December.

    With whom could we meet? Do you have other reading suggestions?

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