Reviews of Little House Off the Grid

A great introduction to off grid living. I really enjoyed the readability this book offered and will likely read again.

I found this book to be very helpful. Each chapter covers a different aspect of off grid living such as wind power, solar, generators, batteries, homeschooling, gardening, water, wood heat, etc. I like how the authors walk us through from the beginning when they bought their property to where they are now. They share their many mistakes and hard lessons learned with things like solar power and wood heating.

This was not an overly technical book on alternative energy yet I was able to learn a lot about this subject. This couple pursued their dream making economical and environmental choices. Yes, their off grid power cost good money but they used what they had acquired with their farm house when they bought it and slowly upgraded as they needed to or until they had the financial means.

The authors are very down to earth and in tune with the environment. They do things with as little environmental impact as possible. Their story shows how through the years they became more efficient in general as well as self sufficient. I enjoyed reading this and can see this book being very helpful to many others and would recommend it.

Have already shared it with others. Well told and encourages others to try it. Tells openly about the struggles that can happen when trying to get off the grid.

“Cam and Michelle’s book Little House Off The Grid is a wonderful book written in a humorous yet practical manner. Practical in that it offers tons of advice on self sufficiency and living off the grid while not holding back on the realities they faced when they ventured into the woods of eastern Ontario with two relatively young children. Those realities were written with a humorous slant.

The book is divided into chapters ranging from how they found their 150 acres of paradise to solar power and wind power, heating in the winter, water and raising children off grid.

I highly recommend this book to folks who are itching to live outside the concrete mall infested suburbs most of us now live in. There are many ‘how to’ books on self sufficiency but very few on ‘how it was done’ – their 13 year journey is an inspiration.”

“Little House Off The Grid (LHOTG) is a glimpse at, as Monty Python would say, something completely different.

This is not one of those ten pound, glossy, encyclopedias that paint a bucolic picture of life in the country.

It’s about realizing that, although you were adept at your city job, you really know nothing about life in the country…
LHOTG is about the reality of getting high speed internet when the last telephone pole is miles away. It’s about some of the “behind the scenes” work that you didn’t see coming, to get your nest warm and secure.

It’s also about the feeling of accomplishment and sense of security that comes from doing things that matter with your own hands. About getting off the treadmill of buying things you don’t need to impress people that you don’t know with money that you don’t have. It’s about acknowledging that there is another perfectly serviceable way to live, and that it pays dividends in completely new ways.

This is moving off the grid 101.”

“Any book about self-sufficiency that starts off with the author describing a huge error in judgement and the resulting efforts to correct it, especially when it takes place in a snowstorm in the middle of the night, deserves more than just a cursory look. Self-sufficiency is a dream for many people, but Cam and Michelle Mather made it their reality. Those of us on the journey of self-sufficiency thank Cam and Michelle for their humor and candor in telling the story of their Little House Off the Grid.”

“An entertaining read about one family’s move to an off grid home in the country and the not so romantic or cute (but oh so gratifying) experiences. They started with an existing home and walk you through some of the difficulties that entails. Compared to building a home from the ground up, retrofitting an existing structure and property is a whole different ball game. Adjusting to living “away” and within your philosophy and raising kids, homeschooling, and the forever search to be as self sufficient as possible. A must read for anyone considering a move off grid or even on grid in the country.”

“A very thorough book about the process the authors went through to setup their property to be self-sufficient energy-wise. Well worth reading for anyone who dreams of living off-the-grid but isn’t too sure of what it really entails. And the authors’ internet blog continues this ever-evolving story.”

“I thank the authors for being honest about their journey. So often you hear all of the good that comes from attempting an off grid lifestyle. It’s refreshing to read the true story, negatives and all. Highly recommended for anyone dreaming of such a lifestyle.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I applaud the author for just going ahead and doing sustainable activities, from the city garden in the front lawn, to self publishing, to forging ahead and making progress with the usual learning by doing. I would recommend all individuals interested in a more sustainable life-style and it’s independence to read this book.”

The book is a nice story of how a family made their move from the city to their off-grid country home. The book serves as an inspiration rather than a how to guide. There are many ways to do each thing, this is just how the authors did it. Still, it gets the juices flowing for those wanting to make the move. The best piece of advice from the book is get out of debt, find a place, and get started. Having already made the move, it is nice to read about how someone else did it. It gets me thinking of things I can do to improve my conditions as well.