Reviews of “The Sensible Prepper”

Here are some reviews found online about “The Sensible Prepper.” Feel free to add your own at amazon.


***** “Real prep advice from someone who actually lives the life and share everything they have .” – Skip


*****”A good way to learn to prepare for whatever might happen.” – Kathy


***** “I highly recommend this book. Cam and Michelle Mather live the self sufficient lifestyle and really know what they are talking about. The Mathers explain why people, in general, should be better prepared than they are, and then explain how to do it, from choosing the best location, to growing and preserving food, generating your own electricity, making your home as energy efficient as possible, and so forth: pretty much whatever you need to know about “prepping” is in here.

My only criticism, if it is one, is that the book is too optimistic about the future. I am speaking here, not from the viewpoint of a “doomer” or “survivalist”, but just an ordinary person who can do basic math and see the implications. At the start of the Industrial Revolution, at the beginning of the 19th century, there were 1 billion people on the planet. Now there are 7.3 billion and rising. This increase in human numbers has largely been made possible by the exploitation of fossil fuels, particularly oil and gas. These are finite, and when the supply begins to decline – as it must – it will become apparent that we are in overshoot and that the planet cannot sustainably support this number of people.

If one billion (or thereabouts) is the sustainable number, what happens to the other 6.3 billion? The Mathers anticipate a “soft landing”, in which local food and energy production (and presumably birth control, although this isn’t mentioned in the book) allow the human race to adjust gradually and humanely to the new circumstances. I’m not so sure. The more traditional ways of keeping human numbers in check have been disease, famine and war, and if history is our guide, I think it’s more likely that this is what the future has in store for us. These pessimistic thoughts aside, this is a great book and you should buy it today.” – Peter