The All You Can Eat Gardening Handbook

gardening-handbook-coverThere’s never been a better time to grow your own food as we face the converging challenges of the financial crisis, climate change, water shortages, peak oil, and 6.5 billion people worldwide competing for a limited amount of food.

Many gardening books are so technical that they are intimidating to the beginning gardener. This book shows how easy gardening can be while providing tips and techniques to ensure success. Whether you live in the country, the city, or the suburbs, you’ll learn:

  • How to create lots of rich compost as the basis for vigorous growth
  • Simple techniques to safely deal with pests
  • The most effective techniques for irrigation, including harvesting your rainwater
  • How to store your harvest using canning, freezing, and drying techniques
  • How to build and stock a root cellar
  • How to choose which vegetables to grow based on their nutritional value

This book is a step-by-step guide to turning your lawn into a great source of personal satisfaction and economic independence. Having an organic produce department in your backyard creates your own “one hundred-foot diet” to reduce your carbon footprint and keep more money in your pocket.

ISBN 978-0-9810132-2-0