Reviews for Thriving During Challenging Times

Aleda Johnson says;
“Love your book “Thriving During Challenging Times”, it is adding a new dimension to my ongoing attempt to live green.  Your book has brought me closer to deciding to sell my beloved motorcycle (which I can’t afford to ride much anyways).”

* * * * *

John Wensley says;

“I must tell Cam Mather that I just finished reading his book, Thriving during Challenging Times.  I must say that this book is probably one of the best books I have ever read and I read a lot of books.  I have already recommended this book to several friends and believe this book is a reality check for society.  Thank you for writing a book that is easy to understand and gets your point across to your readers.  I do not think that I can find anything in your book that I could disagree with.  What a great job you have done.  You should be very proud of your work.  Kudos.”

* * * * *

M. B. from El Dorado Hills, CA says;

“I first read an article by Cam Mather in Mother Earth News and it intrigued me. Once I picked up his book, I was enthralled. This is one of those “life changing” books that I will pass along to everyone I know who’s interested in what’s happening and what to do about it now. I’m grateful for this easily readable and highly educational material on everything: water and energy for our home, gardening and storage, even safety and money matters. I had several “ah-ha” moments reading about what I heard was happening in the news and how it relates to me at home. Plus, he had me laughing out loud, not sighing in despair. I can’t think of a better time to read about subjects assisting in self-reliance than now. Thank you for a fantastic book that has set the wheels in motion here at our home!”

* * * * *

Midwest Book Review says;

“Even when the economy is down, you can still bring home the bacon. “Thriving During Challenging Times: The Energy, Food, and Financial Independence Handbook” is a guide to wise financial planning in even the worst of economic times. On the thought of things will get worse before they get better, Cam Mather gives much advice to help readers tighten their belts and be prepared for the worst, but expect the best. “Thriving During Challenging Times” is advice not to be ignored.”

* * * * *

Deborah S-Q says;

“Although it may not always be easy to accept that things are changing in our world (we all know of the head in the sand syndrome), this book can help the reader with what direction to take to prepare for these changes, to move towards leading a more independent existence in this consumer-mad, money-driven world. Even if the reader may not want to follow all of Mather’s directives, I think there is something for everyone in this book; Margaret Mead believed that actions by a small group of committed individuals could change the world – turning that on its head one could say that small actions by many people can make a positive impact on our planet. Thriving During Challenging Times, a well-written and organized book, is a good place as any to start.”

* * * * *

D.L. Wilkins says;

“Mr. Mather writes in an easy to read, down to earth style that takes the edge off the doom and gloom stuff and actually motivates us to do something positive to protect and provide for our family and help the planet at the same time. Change is coming. When I read this book I not only knew what to do to be ready but I was inspired to get it done!”

* * * * *

Jocelyn Graham, Renewable Energy of Plum Hollow says;
“Thriving During Challenging Times” presents a complete and timely overview of the issues of conservation, self-sufficiency and environmental responsibility, and leads easily into the equation that lifestyle choices make for lifestyle changes.  Even in adopting just one of the many recommended daily green practices, you can understand the total impact and importance you single act will have. This book is readable, practical and does not push products, but behaviours. It will engender in you a sense of the scope every one of your actions will have on your environment and a sense of control over these actions.”
* * * * *
M.L. says
“I just read Cam’s book Thriving during Challenging  Times and thought his explanation of the monetary system was about as good as I have seen. There were numerous nuggets in the book that I thought very good…”

* * * * *
Jaydee says…
“This book opened me up to more information than I knew was out there. Written in a way that makes it understandable to me, a person who cares and would like to do better but doesn’t have a clue how to start. It really peaked my interest and gave me many starting points to research further as well as answers to questions I didn’t even know I had.”
* * * * *
C. says….
““Thriving” is a solid book with lots of good info. Even if you don’t agree with all of Cam’s conclusions, the explanation of how we got into this financial mess is straightforward and understandable.”

* * * * *
E.M. says …
“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this book – thank you!”

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