Feedback from Participants

Praise for Cam Mather’s Workshops and Keynote Addresses


“I really must say you impressed everyone at the conference. I remember you saying you were going to try to wake people up, and you sure did! Your energy was contagious, it definitely got us off on the right foot.”

Karen Jackson, Ontario Student Cooperative Association Conference


“Thank you so much for coming to our Envirothon event last week. Everyone thought you were wonderful, and really gave a great start to the event. Thank you so much for providing the signed books, as well as the additional books for the teachers, they really appreciated them.  I would not hesitate to recommend you as a speaker to anyone, you were informative, thought provoking and kept everyone’s attention with ease.”

Kristina Quinlan, Education Programs Manager, Ontario Forestry Association


“Mather’s workshops at Royal Botanical Gardens were the most relevant and factfilled anyone could wish for. It is well nigh impossible to get straight goods on energy shortages, resource depletion and climate upset so Cam’s work is a welcome addition to the Canadian and international scene. He writes well, speaks with authority (having lived off grid for years now) and keeps his sense of humour.”

Ian Graham,, a relocalization initiative


“Wow!  How refreshing it is to hear about renewable energy sources or energy-saving solutions, in ROI terms.  When compared to investing in other existing financial tools or not investing at all, Mr. Mather demonstrated in this workshop how I can make my money work hard for me and make me more money!”

A. G. Lafreniere , Lindsay, Ontario


“I was extremely encouraged by Cam Mather’s renewable energy workshop. He was fantastic at emphasizing the fact that changes I make at home are meaningful and there are things the average person can do to reduce their footprint on the environment. Bravo!

Participant in Cam’s St. Lawrence College Renewable Energy Workshop


“Cam provides great coverage of many topics and has a great rapport with the audience. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and I would absolutely recommend it to others.”

Participant in Cam’s Thriving Workshop at The Royal Botanical Gardens


“Cam Mather’s Vegetable gardening workshops @ Burt’s Greenhouses helped turn Vegetable gardening fence sitters into doers. The presentation included plenty of content and more than enough enthusiasm and energy to give people both the knowledge and the encouragement they needed to start planting. Cam’s boundless energy for his subject meant that he came prepared for any and all questions that might come his way. He made sure to research the things that might have presented him a problem. The truth is that Cam’s main strength is his feet on the ground experience in the garden. Nothing succeeds in educating as well as trying something hands-on and no one has more credibility then those that have ‘walked the talk’”.

Brian Burt, Burt’s Greenhouses


“The best thing about Cam Mather’s Keynote at the Quinte Sustainability Symposium was that he really got us fired up!  Not only was he dynamic and humorous but he really knows his stuff.  My wife and I already feel we live a “green” life but Mr. Mather inspired us to take the next leap and put up a solar hot water heater.  Now we’re even planning for photovoltaic panels! “

John Wilson, Tweed

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About Cam
Cam Mather and his wife Michelle live independently off the electricity grid using the sun and wind to power their home and their CSA. Cam is working towards the goal of making his home “zero-carbon” and with his extensive garden he aims to grow as much of his own food as possible. He is available to speak at conferences and other events and has motivated many people to integrate renewable energy into their lives, reduce their footprint on the planet and get started on the path to personal food, fuel and financial independence.
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