Payback of Renewable Energy

Solar and wind power had always seemed expensive but with rising energy costs and government incentives the Return on Investment with renewable energy is now superior to most common financial vehicles. What’s important is to follow the “eco-nomic” approach to make sure you get the fastest payback and make the biggest impact on your carbon footprint.

Starting with basic and advanced energy efficiency then working to solar thermal for hot water and finally solar and wind generated electricity, you’ll have to invest the least up front and as you continue along the renewable energy path. Once you’re ready to install those solar panels you’ll be assured that you’re maximizing your payback and minimizing your footprint on the planet.

Coming from someone who took the plunge and invested 12 years ago before there were government incentives, Cam Mather speaks from the perspective of someone who has lived with the technology and knows it works. He also knows the great satisfaction that comes with investing in a technology that inflation proofs your family from rising energy costs and makes you independent, but also knowing that those appliances in your home are now being powered by clean, green renewable energy.