The All You Can Eat Gardening Workshop

The North American diet uses lots of fossil fuels, and as we run out of the easy oil we will spend an ever-increasing percentage of our incomes on food. With many hard hit by the economic crisis, growing your own food simply makes economic sense. Many gardening books and techniques make vegetable gardening look difficult, with charts and checklists and talk of trace minerals and hard-to-find soil supplements. Growing vegetables can seem intimidating. That’s why Cam Mather’s The All You Can Eat Gardening Workshops is such a breath of fresh air. It assures participants that there’s nothing to it and encourages them to just get out there and do it. With basic tips and techniques, it provides enough tools to inspire gardeners but doesn’t overwhelm them.

The All You Can Eat Gardening Workshop examines the health benefits of each of the vegetables and fruits discussed along with how to plant each with the greatest likelihood of an abundant harvest.The book also provides strategies for harvesting rainwater, watering with drip irrigation, organic pest control and dealing with some of the challenges our changing climate may throw at you.

Whether you have a small lot in the city, a suburban backyard, or a large country property, The All You Can Eat Gardening Workshop is the inspiration you need to get motivated to start growing healthy, local, inexpensive organic vegetables and eating the 100-Foot Diet today!