Communities in Transition Training

Everyone will be affected by peak oil and corresponding increases in all forms of energy. Many towns and cities are being proactive and working to develop a strategy to deal with the coming challenges. This can seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but it will be worth the effort. Towns that have a plan in place to deal with dwindling supplies and increased prices will be most resilient to shocks that will accompany the uncertain times ahead.

This talk is best suited for an audience which includes members of the community who are interested in  developing a strategy  to allow for the transition to a low carbon future. Cam will discuss how to identify your communities’ strengths and how to create an inventory of resources that exist in your community. He’ll discuss areas in which communities may be most vulnerable. Do most people commute to work outside of the community? Do people heat with natural gas, which could suffer price spikes or shortages? Is most food brought into the community from outside? Are there local jobs? He will discuss how to prioritize the greatest challenges and then how to develop a plan to determine in which order to tackle them in.

At the end of this talk, attendees will have learned how to make an inventory of their community’s assets, how to identify potential challenges and how to develop a strategy to increase community members’ awareness of the problems and their enthusiasm to get involved and become part of the solution.