Transitioning to a Low Carbon Future

In 2002 the price of crude oil, the fuel that has driven economic growth for a century, was under $20 a barrel. Today it’s over $80/barrel. The 2008 high of $147/barrel was not a fluke, but a warning shot across the bow of any corporation or organization that does not take resource depletion seriously. Many notable geologists say we have crossed the Rubicon of peak oil and are on the downward side of the supply curve and we will see rapidly escalating price increases and shortages throughout the world.

How your organization responds to this challenge will be key to its long term well being. If you add in other variables like climate change and an increasingly fragile global economy we are entering a period of unprecedented challenges.

“Transitioning to a Low Carbon Future” addresses these areas and provides a framework to develop a strategy to respond to a radically altered future. Organizations will have to look at how increasing energy costs will affect all areas of their business from production and transportation and distribution right down to basics like heat and power. Your customers will also be dealing with the same issues and will have a radically altered attitude towards the necessity of your products or services. Every company and organization from non-profits to governments will be affected and in profound ways.

This workshop takes a hard look at the tough issues facing us and develops a road map to allow your company or organization to become resilient to impending shocks and to thrive in the challenging times ahead.

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About Cam
Cam Mather and his wife Michelle live independently off the electricity grid using the sun and wind to power their home and their CSA. Cam is working towards the goal of making his home “zero-carbon” and with his extensive garden he aims to grow as much of his own food as possible. He is available to speak at conferences and other events and has motivated many people to integrate renewable energy into their lives, reduce their footprint on the planet and get started on the path to personal food, fuel and financial independence.
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