Using Renewable Energy

There is great excitement about integrating renewable energy into our lives but there is also great confusion about how best to approach it. Where do I start? Lightbulbs? Solar for electricity? Solar for hot water? What gives me the fastest payback? What will reduce my carbon footprint the most? What government programs are available?

Since the investment can be a large one having a strategic approach to your renewable energy investment makes perfect sense. Cam Mather has powered his home and business with renewable energy for 12 years and has provided workshops at colleges throughout the province teaching homeowners the correct approach to renewable energy and getting the fastest payback on their investments.

Cam will meet with you, find out your goals and priorities and work you through the process from concept to installation. From dealing with government bureaucracy to critically evaluating quotes from renewable energy dealers, it just makes sense to take advantage of the assistance of someone who’s been doing it for more than a decade.

Cam will be there to follow up and make sure that the installation has gone well and that everything is working as it should. Government subsidies are encouraging lots of companies to jump into this marketplace. Cam will provide you with peace of mind and the expertise necessary to ensure a successful implementation.