OK, I’m getting tired of the whole waiting for the ‘coincidence thing’ to pay off.

Remember the book “The Celestine Prophecy”? It was one of those blockbuster new-agey type books. I liked it. It has some nice ideas. One was that we take great energy from natural things like trees. I live surrounded by trees … so much energy! And I think green is identified as an important thing too. When we sit at our dining table we have windows on three sides. At this time of year the view is completely green with the trees in the background. So ‘feng shui!”

The biggest thing that I got out of the book was that we need to put more emphasis on coincidences. In other words, there are no coincidences … which sounds like the little monk-like kid in “The Matrix” bending spoons with his mind .. ‘there is no spoon.’

So since reading the book, any time there is a coincidence in my life, I put huge emphasis on it. As you might remember from previous blog posts I see coincidences as signs that I should buy lottery tickets. So when I experience a coincidence I load up on lottery tickets, knowing that the universe is telling me I’m going to win. You might be wondering how that strategy is working. Well, I’m still blogging and earning less than minimum wage running a CSA. So yea, the coincidence thing is crap. But I still like to dream.

On a recent Tuesday I was in Napanee waiting for our CSA members to pick up their boxes. I like getting to meet them and having a chance to chat. One of our members told me about her daughter who had been to Tanzania. She was the last member to pick up just before I left at 5 pm. I got on the road home shortly after and the second song that came on the radio was by Tom Cochrane. He’s that Canadian guy who did the song “Life is a Highway.” The song playing on the radio was from his first band, Red Ryder, and was called ‘White Hot.’ There’s a line in the song that goes … ‘for selling faulty rifles, to the thieves, in Tanzania.” COME ON! What are the odds of that? This stuff just doesn’t happen. There is meaning here. I have to figure this out.

On the next night we watched the movie “C.R.A.Z.Y.”  This is an awesome movie that our eldest daughter recommended to us. It’s from Quebec and it’s about a family of 5 boys (yikey) as they grow up through the 60’s and 70’s and so on. Since I was born in 1959 it really speaks to me … the fashions … the home décor … the family dynamics … and the music especially is awesome! At one point in the movie one of the brothers is singing and playing air guitar to the song “Major Tom” from David Bowie. It turns out that the neighborhood kids are watching his performance. I can associate with such awkward moments …

Then on Friday night we rented the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” from Tim at our local video store. Ben Stiller has resurrected this old movie with a modern theme. And there was Kristen Wiig playing the guitar and singing “Major Tom” as Ben jumps on a helicopter. COME ON! I haven’t heard that song in years. What are the odds? There’s a message here! Just what is it? I need some help.

Years ago, before I took the blue pill and figured out what the matrix really was, I used to read “The Globe and Mail,” which is kind of like Canada’s version of the “Wall Street Journal.” We only bought it on Saturdays and it was huge … like 500 pages. It took me all Sunday to read it. And every time I read it I could find the date 1959, the year I was born. I put great meaning in this. I would read out sentences to Michelle to show her how often the year of my birth showed up in the paper. Michelle just rolled her eyes … a lot. But I kept finding it. Some business had started in 1959, some law had been passed in 1959 … there was always some reference to 1959. Really, what are the odds? In every issue, 1959. There it was. Carl Sagan’s alien friends were messing with me.

So I won’t give the movie away, but there is a photograph that features very prominently in the movie and in the photograph is “1959.” COME ON! Fate is talking to me. No, it’s yelling at me. There is something important happening here. Planets are aligning. If I read horoscopes I’m pretty sure this would be considered like a code red … “Get ready for a major life change …” blah blah blah.

All these messages. All this epic karmic stuff. So many questions. No answers. I’m hoping that the Yellowstone volcano, that they now realize is way bigger than they previously thought, isn’t about to blow. I power my house with my solar panels and I’m thinking all that particulate in the air won’t be helpful. Although it may slow down global warming for a while.

As always, I shall have to wait until the last page and the conclusion to have this whole coincidence question thing answered. And who was on the grassy knoll? It’s kind of cool to think that all of these loose ends might get cleared up at some point. I’m not rushing though. I’m sure the super big gulps worth of high fructose corn syrup beverages I’m pounding back during the recent heat waves aren’t helping.