A Recent Video Shoot

Guest Post by Michelle Mather

Today’s post is a little different. It’s more of a video post.

The other day Cam and I decided that we needed to shoot some video of our chickens in the winter. There was a fresh layer of snow on the ground which helped to make things look a little cleaner and tidier. This can be such a messy time of the year, what with the thawing and the freezing and the mud and the slush.

We started out showing our coop and how we chose to winterize with bales of hay. The chickens seem to enjoy the bales of hay placed around their pen and we often find them jumping from bale to bale, like a chicken jungle gym!

Since it was such a lovely, sunny winter day, Cam then decided to do some zero-carbon electric chainsawing with his electric chainsaw. So, of course, I was encouraged to film that too!

Then Cam found the chickens in the woodshed, which is one of their favourite places during the winter months. They can get in and scratch in the dirt and hollow out a depression and get in and have a dust bath. With the ground outside covered in snow, it’s a real treat for them to find some unfrozen dirt to scratch.

I brought out a pot of “cat grass” for them to nibble on. As Cam says, they looked like “vegetarians at a salad bar,” attacking the greenery with gusto!

Finally, Cam decided to film one of the chickens providing an endorsement for our new book “Little House Off the Grid.” I guess the chickens are pretty happy that they are mentioned in the book and decided to promote it.

If you enjoy watching chickens, you’ll enjoy this video!

On a side note, I wrote an article for the April issue of Canadian Living magazine. My 5-page article, complete with lots of photos, is called “Living Off the Grid” and is on page 79. It’s available on news stands now!

15 Responses to “A Recent Video Shoot”

  • Joshua Benevides:

    Thank you guys for making your lives available for inspiration to the rest of us. I live in Alaska and have a hard time growing. I just built a large hoop house and plan to put it to good use in the rain here (Juneau). I also have a few ladies running around (12) and I find they are so much more fun to watch than T.V. Thanks again for being here!

  • Hi Shelley! Yes, I bought the “cat grass” seed from OSC (Ontario Seed Company) (I found it again online here; http://www.oscseeds.com/detail/index.php?Proid=6700&Clink=sub-category/index.php?secondID=SC0305) Our cats LOVE it and so I decided to let the chickens have a nibble. As you can tell from the video, it’s very popular with the “ladies.”

  • Marie:

    Hi Michelle and Cam- the video had me smiling from beginning to end. We are in Quebec and presently have one foot in the country and one in the city but our dream is close to reality with our productive bees , rabbit hutches under construction, a large vegetable garden, a lean-to hoop house (the spinach wintered over surviving -18C in the HH). Chickens will definitely be part of ‘the family’. Love your blogs and enjoy the Canadian connection.

  • Shelley:

    Loved the chicken footage. Did you grow the cat grass yourself? I’ve never heard of it. From your hens response I know my gals would love it too!

  • Glee:

    Love the chicken video. It’s amazing to me how much fun they are. For years I was set against having them. My son brought me a dozen for Mother’s day four years ago. Now, I can’t remember why I was so set against them. I’m definitely going to get one of those electric saws.

    Good work. Thanks.

  • Thank you Susan. Glad you enjoyed it! We’d love for you to write a review somewhere like amazon where others might be inspired to enjoy our book too!

  • Gerrit Botha:

    Great stuff! We love to see videos of your place. Keep up the good work.

  • Got the book for Christmas and read it right away. Thanks for writing it. I think it gives a pretty good idea about what it is like to be off grid and maybe quells the romantic notions that some people have.

  • This is a blast of sunshine in my day,,,I love Henryetta’s acting skills she pulled her lines off amazingly well cluck,cluck.You are a fantastic couple video makers keep up the good work you two.You are a much need ray of sunshine for the rest of us followers.Thanks for the much needed giggles.Smiles Heather

  • First off we have “Morgan the Wonder Dog” who does a great job of keeping the predators away during daylight hours. At night the ladies are locked up tight in their snug and cozy coop!

  • Cathy:

    4:54 So, “we’re having a dust bath”, you now do dust baths with your Ladies? Must be saving water. Henretta needs a voice coach if he’s going pro. Perfect bucolic background music. Those Chicks have it good.

  • John-David Longwell:

    Greetings from Colorado! Nice video with lots of good info. One question: how do you keep the foxes and other such critters out of the hen house?

  • Donna:

    Loved the video! I thoroughly enjoyed watching your chickens, especially the dust bath! Keep posting the fun videos! Blessings!

  • Hi Amy! So glad you enjoyed the video and the music. The music came from here;
    and it’s called “Continue Life.” It’s royalty free but we made a donation to thank the composer Kevin MacLeod.

  • Amy:

    What a great video! I’m sitting in my cubicle, working and saving for our move to the country, and this was totally inspiring.

    More videos please!!! (the music was so soothing, who is the composer?)

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