Anarchists Need to Spend Some Time Growing Food

By Cam Mather

As I watched the bedlam that was the G20 protests in Toronto I was taken aback by how much energy the “black bloc” or anarchists had*. I was contemplating this as I weeded the garden on Sunday. At this time of the year weeds often get away from me. I get distracted with cutting garlic scapes, or planting more stuff, or a million other things and suddenly I can hardly see what I’ve planted because of the weeds. In this case it was the garlic that was quickly becoming overrun with weeds. We’ve had a lot of rain lately which has also caused the weeds to flourish.

Luckily our weeds aren’t quite THIS bad…..

After a few hours of pulling weeds and hoeing I was getting tired. This was when I thought about all of those anarchists smashing windows and how much energy they appear to have. Someone’s feeding these guys. I’m guessing that farmers are feeding them because if the anarchists were growing their own food they wouldn’t be able to spend the weekend burning police cars. Somehow they’re making enough money to buy food and support themselves. They must work because I’m sure they wouldn’t take any form of social assistance, since they are after all, against government. They wouldn’t be that hypocritical would they?

Anarchists are accused of firebombing a bank in Ottawa. One of the people arrested was a retired federal civil servant. Now he’s just been accused of the crime, but come on, he worked his whole life for the government – how can he be an anarchist? Surely at some point he has to have realized the blatant hypocrisy in this and he would have quit and gone to work for the private sector. He should be renouncing his government pension and giving it back to taxpayers who still support a central government.

So I was thinking if we put these anarchists to work on organic farms, I’d bet they’d have no energy left for smashing Starbucks windows. That’s why I’m making the offer to all those anarchists out there, to come and weed my garden. I’ll feed you, and you can spend 10 hours weeding and hoeing and moving hay bales and all the things humans used to do before oil came along and displaced all this human labor.

Or how about this? The Canadian government spent a billion (with a “B”) on security for the G8 and G20. Sounds like the federal government told the cops we’ll pay you as much as you need. I just heard that there were an estimated 19,000 police in downtown Toronto over the weekend. Can you imagine what they were getting paid with all the overtime? And think about their home police forces where they came from. All those police departments would have been short staffed and had to pay overtime to cops who worked the streets in those cities.

So next time there’s a G20, let’s take some of that billion dollars and buy some farmland. This should be pretty easy. The people who do the most important thing in our society, farmers, are getting old. And they’ll be happy to sell us some land. So we can give every anarchist a couple of acres and say here, start your own little autonomous libertarian state and be completely independent.

It looked to me like there were maybe 4 or 5 hundred real troublemakers so what’s that, 1,000 acres? That’s the size of one farm today. Based on that we can tell the anarchists we won’t even charge them property tax. We won’t give them healthcare either. They can just form their own little anarchist state and be completely self-reliant and independent. Here’s a shovel, here’s a hoe, here’s some seeds, now leave the rest of us alone.

* To be clear, I support the protesters’ right to peacefully gather and/or march during events such as these, but I don’t support the troublemakers who seem to use these opportunities to break windows and damage property.

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