Aztext Press GIANT Warehouse CLEARANCE!

By Cam Mather

That’s right, it’s a GIANT WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE, Buy Now! Spend now! Don’t wait! Operators are standing by! It’s a Warehouse Blowout!

We’re coming up on “National Buy Nothing Day.” This was created by “Adbusters” magazine as a counter to the shopping frenzy that has become “Black Friday.” ( Or as Michelle pointed out to me in an online ecard; “Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.” ( Which begs the question; why not skip Thanksgiving all together?

I don’t buy much ‘stuff.’ I have a fairly good tool collection now. I have a working rototiller and a backup! I have a working chainsaw and a backup! I have drawers and boxes full of clothing, much of it bought at secondhand stores. I figure that if I hold on to some of my old clothing for long enough, it will come back in to style!

Books are the one thing I make an exception for. I love books. And, as shallow and materialistic it is, I like owning books. I like seeing them on a shelf. They make our living room seem so much warmer! Because I am a book publisher, and would like everyone to own their own copies of my books, I’m against libraries, although over the years I have patronized them regularly.

About three years ago I read Andrew Nikiforuk’s book “Tar Sands.” During the recent debate around putting the Keystone pipeline through the U.S. I wanted to make sure my opinion about the environmental impact of tar sands bitumen was accurate, so I re-read it. And now I’m about to re-read “Drilling Down” about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago. This is my excuse for owning good books! I refer to them quite often!

So really, books are the ONLY acceptable things to buy, other than food. Oh and solar panels. And …

Meanwhile back at Aztext Press we’ve decided to move some of our books to our warehouse (in our guesthouse) from the printers where we have stored them in the past. And while I do love to build shelves as discussed in a previous blog, I need some space to put the new shelves, and I’m afraid we’ve run out of that!

So regardless of how crass and “used car dealership-ish” as this sounds, we need to clear out some books. So starting today and for the next 7 days we’re offering our books to our blog readers for at least 50% off our regular retail prices. For example, our best-selling book “The Renewable Energy Handbook” normally retails for $29.95. Right now it’s on sale at for $25 but for our blog readers the price will be $15! Our newest book, “Little House Off the Grid” retails for $19.95. It’s on sale for $15 but for our blog readers, the sale price will be $10.00.

Some of our books, like “$mart Power: An urban guide to energy efficiency and renewable energy” and “The Zero-Carbon Car” are sale priced at $5.00!

This extra discount is only for our blog readers, so we won’t be changing the sale prices as shown on our website ( To take advantage of this extra “blog reader discount,” please send an email to “michelle at aztext dot com” and tell her which books or DVDs you’d like to purchase. Also provide her with your shipping address. She’ll quote you the discounted price for your items and the cost of shipping. If you’re agreeable, she’ll send you a PayPal request (or you can send a cheque.)

This sounds so commercial and crass. I know. I used to sell advertising on radio and television stations, so I know the hard sell. But here’s my rationalization, and as you know from reading my blog, I rank right up there as the “king of rationalization.” It’s the time of year when many of us are going to buy gifts for others. And I think many people like practical gifts. Our books are great sources for tips and inspiration on how to live more sustainably. So if you’re going to buy something or give a gift anyway, why not make it something that might actually inspire a positive change? There, that’s my rationalization.

So, I’ll duck now while people throw rotten tomatoes at me for being a vile capitalist pig. I will not protest. It is deserved.

So don’t delay! Time’s a wasting! Sale only lasts 7 days! We’re clearing out our warehouse and everything must go! Well, sort of almost everything. Well, we’re hoping some books will go. Well, a few anyway. Thanks for listening.

5 Responses to “Aztext Press GIANT Warehouse CLEARANCE!”

  • It’s actually michelle at aztext dot com

  • Heather BC:

    Hi Michelle,I wish to place an order for six books but I can’t get the email address right,is this correct? ? Help Please 🙁

  • I’m not taking the bait on the sale… ah, cuz I *already* have no fewer than 4 of your books and 2 DVDs in my shelves. And every one of them have paid for themselves several times over in one way or another!

  • Cathy:

    Dear Vile Capitalist Pigs,
    I would like to order one “All You Can Eat.., and “Little House..” since my Library won’t order them, and Powell’s Books doesn’t have used ones…yet they would buy your over stock if you really wanted to move them out of the guest house… send me the paypal info… Love you guys, even though you are Vile Capitalist Pigs….I want your info and there is no such thing as a free lunch…somebody has to keep circulating capital (even though not really worth silver or gold) and give you my worthless paper credits for your tree killing paper books.

  • Dave W, Mayo SC:

    Reminds me of the old Crazy Eddie commercials when I lived near the NYC area years ago.

    His prices are……..INSANE!!!!!!!

    Michelle will be receiving an email from me.

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