Cam’s Interview in Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine

By Michelle Mather

Have you had a chance to pick up the latest issue of Harrowsmith Country Life Magazine yet? The April 2010 issue includes an interview with Cam. The article is entitled “Survival Guide to the Future” and is a Q&A between Cam and Tom Cruikshank, the editor of the magazine.

Cam and I have been readers of Harrowsmith Country Life magazine for many, many years. In fact I remember reading my father’s copies of the original Harrowsmith magazine when I was just a teenager! It first began publishing in 1976 and was one of the original “back to the land” publications full of stories of people returning to their country roots and sharing the knowledge and skills that they were acquiring.

When we first looked at this house in 1998 we returned home to Burlington to consider purchasing it. Cam went to our box of old Harrowsmith magazines and discovered one from June of 1993 in which the previous owners of this house, Jean Stawarz and Gary Farmer had been interviewed about the solar electric system that they had installed in this house! Cam had remembered reading about it! Here is the cover of that magazine (complete with Cam’s note to himself to “Keep article…”);

Then in October, 2000 Cam wrote an article for Harrowsmith Country Life entitled “Our Solar Saga.” Here’s the cover of that issue and the two page article;

The article in the current magazine is a three page Q&A that Tom and Cam did over the phone last fall just after “Thriving During Challenging Times” was published. In the article, Tom mentions Jeff Rubin’s book “Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller” which also discusses themes like peak oil and climate change. Cam points out that there are many of these books available, and he used many of them as resources. “Thriving During Challenging Times” is different in that it not only discusses these converging challenges that we all face, but Cam provides the steps that people can take to prepare for these events. Cam’s suggestions will not only make you more resilient to the coming shocks to our energy, food and financial systems, but the path he suggests will lower your carbon footprint too!

Here is the cover of the current issue and the first page of the Q&A. We have had a lot of positive feedback from everyone who has read the article. Be sure to pick up a copy today!

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Cam Mather and his wife Michelle live independently off the electricity grid using the sun and wind to power their home and their CSA. Cam is working towards the goal of making his home “zero-carbon” and with his extensive garden he aims to grow as much of his own food as possible. He is available to speak at conferences and other events and has motivated many people to integrate renewable energy into their lives, reduce their footprint on the planet and get started on the path to personal food, fuel and financial independence.
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