Cam’s Top 25 Movie List

By Cam Mather

A while back one of our blog readers asked if I had a top 25 list of movies. I think this is probably because I refer to movies quite often, because I like them, and although it can be most informative, I can only watch the Weather Channel for so long. I know I always enjoy getting movie recommendations from other people so I thought I would throw my two cents into a highly personalized forum.

So here goes in no particular order and with arbitrary groupings … Cam’s Top 25 (or so) Movies… Of All Time!


Groundhog Day – such a cool concept

Caddy Shack – it set a high standard for others to follow

Bridesmaids – Ohhhh the dress fitting scene, funniest scene in a movie…. EVER!

Hot Fuzz – from the makers of “Shawn of the Dead.” Best line ever… “Have you ever shot two guns while jumping through the air?”

Burn After Reading – Brad Pitt and George Clooney do the Oceans 11 movies so they can make money to do quirky movies like this.

Just Nice MOVIES THAT defy a category

Lars and The Real Girl – a wonderful quirky movie about the importance of community

Amelie – yes it has subtitles, but it’s a brilliant movie

About a Boy – Hugh Grant just like in Notting Hill

The Shawshank Redemption – why revenge is sooooo great


Michael Clayton – a great look at how the world really works

Syrianna – the greatest look at the reality of the world’s addiction to the Middle East’s fossil fuels

3 Kings – the craziness of war

A Single Man – sooo stylish, hard to imagine someone who wears stuff from used clothing stores (i.e. me!) liking it


Black Hawk Down – I rent this whenever Michelle is away… you have to watch it loud – it’s one of the few times recent American foreign intervention was for humanitarian goals

Bourne Identity + the others – these are such great action movies and a great travelogue too

Sci Fi

Contact – should be mandatory for every grade 8 science class with girls in it, showing why they should go into science

The Matrix – the only movie I have ever watched again immediately after I finished it, because I wasn’t sure if I “got it”

“V” for Vendetta – adopted from a 30-year-old comic book, the most important movie on the abuse of power since 9/11 – it’s quite brilliant

Children of Men – why you should “be a prepper too”

Prometheus – yea I just saw it, but the special effects are unbelievable and it took a small country’s worth of CGI people to create it


Family Stone – dysfunctional families in the holidays are the best

It’s a Wonderful Life – we’ve watched this so many times I’ve just about memorized the George Bailey speech telling Savings & Loan customers why they have to stick together

A Christmas Carol – the black and white one starring Alastair Sim – for someone as crotchety as me, the possibility of redemption is an important theme

Home for the Holidays – Best Scene – Holly Hunter sitting downstairs with her dad watching old home movies


Manufactured Landscapes – the most powerful environmental documentary ever, even though I’m not sure that was its purpose

Go Further – a fun romp with environmental-crusading, vegan, bike-riding Woody Harreleson – and sure, I’d eat raw food too if someone was preparing meals like that for me

Who Killed The Electric Car – way to go General Motors, you were the leader in the electric car market, so naturally, you scrapped it

Gasland – oh, that’s why natural gas is so cheap these days

Grizzly Man – why living amongst grizzly bears is always going to end in tears

Sicko – I stand up and sing “O Canada” every time I watch this, and remember how capitalism keeps people from rebelling

Ya, that was 30 I think. Sorry, I could take 5 off, but since the American Film Institute hasn’t consulted me recently I’m not too concerned.

* * * * * * *

Michelle’s Note – Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! Just a reminder about our big book sale. See previous blog for details. Also – if you plan on buying any of these DVDs (or anything else for that matter) from amazon, please use this link to access amazon; That way, we will earn a very, very, very small commission from every purchase you make! Thanks!!

6 Responses to “Cam’s Top 25 Movie List”

  • Wow! Thanks Jane! You know a celebrity! How cool is that! And yes to those that feel that National Lampoon Christmas Vacation should have been on it, especially knowing how some of my electrical forays have been like Chevy Chase and the Xmas lights. But I live with an animal lover so I’m not allowed to laugh at the fate of the squirrel or cat.

  • Jane:

    Ha I had to laugh that you chose Groundhog day. My Husband carved the ice sculptures that they show in the movie and in the park. So I am sure that was way you loved the movie right Cam ..the ice 😉

    Here is a link to a little blog post I did on the sculptures and ground hog day if your interested.

  • Terri Alice:

    Oh I am so surprised that Canadian Bacon didn’t make your comedy list. Although I have to confess that Trains, Planes and Automobiles was an even better John Candy comedy.

  • John:

    Hey Cam I agree with Neil. Nation Lampoon Christmas Vacation still makes me laugh.

  • What, no “National Lampoon Christmas Vacation” in the seasonal category?!?! Cam, say it ain’t so. It’s become a bizarre modern day classic.

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