(I know we just posted a blog yesterday but I didn’t want to wait until Tuesday to post this one. And no, it’s not about living off the grid or sustainability or my usual topics, so if you aren’t into hockey, feel free to skip this one!)

So imagine that I have just put on my “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt (I really do have one) and let me tell you about something that really, really bugs me – the fact that the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team’s Head Coach is a man. What’s with that? That really infuriates me.

And yes, I’m sorry to turn what’s supposed to be an off-grid/homesteading/sustainable living blog into a sports rant, but this has been bothering me for a while.

I started watching women’s hockey after a 14-year-girl came to one of my Happy Hockey games and whipped our asses. Everyone said, “Oh she’ll end up on the Olympic team.” Women’s hockey is awesome to watch! Women hockey players are awesome! It’s really entertaining hockey. They are exceptional players and they look way better than men. And I say that from a completely non-sexist point of view. Women not only wear shields over their faces, to stop pucks, most of them wear mouth guards as well, so they still have all of their teeth. Ever notice how many teeth are missing in a championship men’s hockey team photo when they’re all grinning and haven’t had time to put in their fake teeth? Yea, lots of them. Womens? Nope, all the teeth are where they’re supposed to be and after paying for both of my daughters to have braces, I appreciate this.

But the one thing that’s always pissed me off about the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team is that it’s coached by a man. I watched the last part of the Gold Medal hockey game yesterday in which the Canadians won in overtime. And I’ve got to say, I was kind of rooting for the Americans. Yea, that’s right. Why would a Canadian root for the American team? I’ll tell ya why. Because the U.S. Olympic WOMEN’s Hockey Team is coached by a WOMAN! Imagine that.

It’s seems very condescending for women to be coached by men. Like, oh, there’s no woman capable of that much responsibility. Oh really? Women can go to space, can run countries, can fight in wars, but can’t coach hockey? What a load of crap.

If the Canadians don’t get a female coach soon I am going to permanently commit my hockey allegiance to the American team. The Americans even have a coach with the same name as my daughter, Katey Stone. What’s not to love about that? She’s won over 300 games coaching the Harvard Crimson. Let’s give her honorary Canadian citizenship and get her coaching our team.

Or better yet, find a Canadian. Just look at the talented women that the Canadian system has churned out. What about Cassie Campbell who does color commentary on CBC TV? She won a whack a gold medals. What about Hayley Wickenhesier? She’s got a drawer full of gold medals, she’s talented, has experience, is a leader … and she’s got a kid, so she should know how to boss people around … sorry… I meant, “motivate young players.” Why isn’t she coaching the Canadian team?

That’s it. I’m starting a new campaign, to draft a woman to coach the Canadian women’s hockey team. Right after I stop global climate change. Stay tuned, more to follow. Thanks for listening.