Guest Post by Michelle Mather

Saturday was a Red Letter day for us, as our daughter Nicole was married. It was a wonderful, low-key event and we were so pleased that they chose their own way to celebrate their union. First, a very simple but lovely ceremony at City Hall was witnessed by a small group of immediate family and close friends. The officiant could not have done a better job of saying all of the things you would want to be said in a wedding ceremony. It was short and sweet and to the point!

Afterwards we all headed to one of Nicole and Will’s favourite restaurants. After a few short toasts and one longer speech the delicious food began to arrive from the kitchen. It was family-style, meaning large dishes were served and we all helped ourselves. What an appropriate way to celebrate the union of our two families, by sharing food from the same dishes.

Will’s mom had been asked to propose a toast but she went a step further and re-wrote a very special children’s book that had been published the same year that Nicole & Will had been born (1986). The book is “I’ll Love You Forever” by Canadian author Robert Munsch. If you don’t know about this book be sure to find a copy and read it to a child you love. Both Nicole and Will have fond memories of this book being read to them, and it holds a special place in my heart because I actually got to hear Robert Munsch tell this story long before the book had even been published.

Once we had all enjoyed way too much food and toasted the happy couple with ample glasses of wine, we headed to the newlywed’s favourite pub where we met up with more friends and family members.

Cam and I are thrilled to welcome our new son-in-law Will to our family. Will is wonderful young man and as an added bonus he is very politically minded and he and Cam can converse for hours on the subject! Cam joked in his toast that not only did he gain a son-in-law but also a campaign manager for the next time he decides to run for the Green Party!

Nicole and Will met when they were in high school.  Since Cam and I also met in high school and Cam’s parents met in high school, they are carrying on that family tradition!


Photo by the wonderful Kam Mudhar of Flashing Lights Photo Design (