The Opportunity of a Lifetime – and It Involves Blueberries!

We know that a lot of people who read our blog are urban dwellers who long for a life in the country. They tell us that all the time. And every time we hear from someone who envies our lifestyle, we are rejuvenated because we remember how much we wanted to get out of the city and how lucky we are to live where we do.

So here’s your chance. Our friends John and Denice are selling their blueberry patch. John has turned 65 and while he is in great shape and going strong he’s decided it’s time to pass the patch along to the next ‘caretaker.’

It’s an amazing place. The property has 2 acres of mature blueberry plants and 4 acres for expansion. I blogged about John’s passion for his blueberries a few years ago here. John planted the bushes about 25 years ago and I’m in awe of the foresight and patience he had to invest in such a long-term payoff. Most of us today are looking for a fast return. A quick payback. When John planted these blueberry bushes there was no quick buck. It was just years of nurturing and tending.

The property is located at the edge of the village of “Tweed,” north of Belleville Ontario. It overlooks Stoco Lake and has an amazing osprey nest on top of a huge pole that John and Denice erected for the ospreys. The osprey family that lives there are extremely ‘chatty’ during blueberry picking season. What an awesome sound. Ospreys eat fish, so it’s a perfect location for them to camp out. I keep telling John he needs to put one of those remote video cameras in the nest and live-stream it on-line. People love that stuff!

The cool thing about John and Denice’s operation is that it’s ready to go and will produce a reasonable income from day one. Well, from year one. It won’t produce an income until the summer, but it will produce an income for 6 or 8 weeks that is excellent. Michelle and I spend about $400/yr picking blueberries for our CSA members during the picking season. We go every week while it’s open. It’s about a half hour drive for us. Lots of our members go to the patch themselves for a big picking, but the nice thing about the CSA is that we supply our members with fresh blueberries for as long as the season lasts without them having to make the drive themselves. Fresh, local, low-carbon, blueberries. Sometime read a grocery story flyer and see where their blueberries come from. Usually they are from Chile or Mexico this time of year. During the summer they often come all the way from B.C.

The amazing thing about blueberries is that not only are they unbelievably good for you and full of anti-oxidants, they freeze amazingly well. We just put them right into our freezer containers without washing or individually freezing them on cookie sheets. Just pop them right into the containers and they come out individually when we need them all winter. Blueberry pancakes. Blueberry crepes. Blueberry muffins. Blueberries in smoothies. Hey Michelle, might you be in one of those “baking with blueberry moods” today? Or should I just say, “Michelle, will you please bake me a blueberry pie?” There, was that more honest?

John and Denice have built up a large and loyal customer base that comes to pick blueberries every summer. It’s a summer tradition, taking the family to pick at Wilson’s. I believe this is called a “Turn Key” operation because it’s ready to go, but it’s not a franchise. It’s a unique, totally awesome one-of-a-kind place and I think it’s a pretty great opportunity for someone who wants to escape the city but hasn’t figured out how to earn an income in the country. Or perhaps someone who can continue to earn some income working online but wants to get their hands in the soil. You become an instant farmer.

You don’t need to know anything about blueberries. John lives close by and will coach you the first year or as he says, “for as long as you both still like each other.” I think he’ll always have blueberries in his blood, but also about a hundred other projects he wants to work on.

Michelle has just set up their website here:

She has also set up a unique sales page that you can access here for more details:

And she’s set up a Facebook page for them too. They’ve never needed one because they always sell out each years’ crop, but she convinced them that some people might prefer to get the daily picking report online.

Check it out. Stop dreaming! Start growing and selling blueberries!

blueberries ours picked

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