Guest Post by Michelle Mather

As you may have read in a previous post, our dog Morgan passed away at the end of May. He was often referred to in this blog as “Morgan the Wonder Dog” and it was no surprise that the place felt empty without him.

Within days of his passing the wildlife seemed to sense that he was no longer a threat and we found deer tracks in the vegetable garden and some raccoons finished harvesting our strawberries for us (without our permission!) We quickly realized just how much Morgan had been doing for us and we knew that we’d better find another dog, ASAP.

I checked the local humane society’s website but the only dogs available all seemed to be hounds (no offense to hound lovers but we wanted a dog with a bit more fur.) I looked around on Kijiji and found a couple of dogs looking for a new home. One was an Australian Shepherd, but he was about a 2 hour drive away and it seemed like a long way to go on a chance that we might “click” with him. There was also a “Golden Doodle” looking for a new home about an hour from us. Before we had a chance to meet the Golden Doodle though, I was at my optometrist’s for an appointment and I mentioned to her that Morgan had passed away. I told her that we were looking for a new dog. She said that someone in her office “might” be looking for a new home for her Border Collie.  This dog was living on a dairy farm and trying to use his herding skills on the dairy cows. The cows were none too impressed. The dairy farmer and his wife were worried that one day the dog would get kicked or trampled by a cow.

First they had to broach the subject with their teenaged daughter. A few days later they called to invite us to come and meet their dog. We liked “Jasper” right away. He’s young, only 2 years old, and very enthusiastic and energetic. So he came home with us that night.

He’s a lovely dog and is fitting in quite well. Don’t ask the cats about him though. So far they are not amused.

Having Jasper here has really made me realize just how much Morgan had slowed down over the years. I have been reminded of how enthusiastic and energetic Morgan was when he first arrived. The slowing down process was so gradual that I hadn’t noticed how much he had changed until I had a young dog to compare him to.

Jasper loves to play. He will chase and fetch just about anything. He will leap high into the air to catch a frisbee. When I try to water my flower garden with the hose he loves to leap through the stream of water. He loves watching “Chicken TV” but he’s still a little overly enthusiastic around them. We’ll have to teach him to treat them with respect. He’s so bright that I’m sure he’ll catch on eventually.

We are still missing Morgan for so many reasons, but Jasper is helping to fill that empty place in our hearts.

Cam and I would like to thank you all for the comments you left on Cam’s post about Morgan’s passing. It really meant a lot to us that you took the time to offer your condolences and share your own stories.