Upcoming One-Day Workshops at Sunflower Farm

‘The Living Sustainably and Independently, Sensible Prepping & Transitioning, Hands-on, Solar-Powered, All You Can Grow’  or Prepping 101 WORKSHOP

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With the realities of the on-going financial crisis, climate change, resource depletion and peak oil, people want a strategy for personal solutions.

  • How should you power your home, from electricity to heat?
  • How do you grow and store more of your own food?
  • How do you change your relationship with money to deal with uncertain times?

The workshop will take place at our off-grid home and will include a tour of the independent electrical system, the garden, root cellar, berry patch, woodlot, pantry and everything in between. You will leave inspired and with the tools you need to assess where you are in these challenging times and how to get to where you want to be. It will also be a great chance to meet others who share your goals to help you develop a network of like-minded people.

If you are interested in attending our next workshop please email m.d.mather at gmail dot com.

Here are some comments from people who attended our previous workshops:

Just wanted to express my gratitude to Cam & Michelle for having all of us this past weekend, and thanks to C. for organizing it. … There was a pile of useful and honest information shared by Cam & Michelle and my smartphone is packed with notes and pics.
If you were on the fence as to whether this workshop provided bang-for-buck, I say it was worth it and more … some of us would have been happy to gab until the Mathers were forced to kick us out.”

Suzie & I just spent a day with Cam & Michelle Mather at Sunflower farm. These folks are off the grid publishers of some amazing books. If you are interested in learning about how you can leave a smaller foot print on this earth and leave a better world for our children I recommend you read Cam’s book “Thriving during challenging times” a must read in my opinion. “

“It is never too late to begin to prepare for a crisis situation. This is a valuable and a very wealthy & healthy resource of information to add to your arsenal. Don’t be ignorant of today’s deterioration that may put you in an unprepared situation which you may be able to prevent by simply attending one of these workshops. What do you have to lose? Nothing, but every to gain. Attend one!”

“Coming today was a dream come true – I’ve only every read about ‘this stuff.’ It was encouraging & enlightening. Thanks so much. Love, love, love it!”

“My entire time visiting … was such a wonderful experience. It was so interesting to see all these things I have read about for the past couple of years and a real honour to meet you both … I’m sure that hosting such an event takes considerable time, energy and preparation, and your hospitality and openness far exceeded my expectations.”

“It’s great to learn from someone who has been at it for so long!”

“Thank you. Excellent workshop. Learned valuable information!”

“Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home and sharing your passions with us!”

“Cam’s enthusiasm and passion is contagious.”

“Very interesting, informative and thought-provoking!”

“Enjoyed the day immensely. Very practical ideas on reducing dependence on fossil fuels.”

“Thank you not only for the information but I especially liked the fact that is was coming from someone who is living it!”

“Cam is a very interesting speaker. He knows his stuff, he is passionate about it and I also enjoyed his humour!”

“I was really impressed that the whole day lived up to the title! Cam has woven together a giant tapestry of knowledge and how-to; hearing and seeing his work in action was really inspiring.”

“Cam & Michelle shared their experience of their journey to sustainable living with us – through science, humour and the wisdom that comes from just doing it!”

Here are some newspaper articles about our workshops;